Grand Getaways is for anyone who has ever dreamt of blending the strictest standards of kashrut with the most exacting demands in luxury.

The Ultimate Blend of Body & Soul.

The result of decades of experience by Alan Berger, one of the foremost Passover vacation specialists in the country, Grand Getaways represents the pinnacle of service and skill. As Alan is proud to say: “No request is too great and no need is too small.”

Bringing families together in a warm atmosphere, Alan and his experienced staff at Grand Getaways ensure that parents, grandparents, and children of all ages will have their needs met 24/7 according to Passover tradition.

Luxurious rooms, gourmet meals, scholars-in-residence, a closely supervised day camp, a winding river and water slide, glistening pools with poolside barbeques, tea rooms brimming with incredible edibles, a majestic 18-hole golf course, and the nearby magic of Disney World are all part of an exquisite Passover experience that you’ll revel in for years to come.

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